I Love Growing Marijuana Review [2021]


I Love Growing Marijuana Review 2021

When it comes to growing your precious marijuana plants, it goes without saying you want the highest quality feminized seeds to give you the best yield possible.  But besides a great product, you want excellent customer service, and to deal with a knowledgeable company that can answer all your questions. Let’s see if I Love Growing Marijuana is a good company to deal with.

In our I Love Growing Marijuana [Review 2021], we will also talk about the beginnings of the company, their mission, team members and writers, some of their products, guides and resources, free grow course, rewards program, customer service, customer reviews, pros and cons, and our final opinion.

Background Information

Robert Bergman is the founder of I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) based out of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and loves to write about all things marijuana.

Bergman started his growing marijuana days in the ’90s in Amsterdam and became very passionate about it. He started out small, growing just a few plants at a time, but became so good at it that he branched out into industrial grow rooms and labs.

Eventually, he decided he wanted to get out of the professional side and branch into something where he could take his knowledge and help others. Thus, in 2012, ILGM was born.

Their Mission

Robert Bergman knew what he wanted to do. Instead of growing marijuana, he wanted to share what he knew-knowledge that he had gained over 20 years. He figured the best way to reach many people at once was to create a website with articles about growing marijuana – everything from the type of seeds, to planting and caring, to harvesting the plants.

The next natural step was to provide growers with the seeds to begin their process.

The Team and Writers 

This company seems blessed with a 25+ member team who not only knows the marijuana industry inside out but loves to have fun in their daily roles; we get to see the human side of them. For example, customer support member Alex adores his two cats, and writer Bad Ass Grandma Jane rides a Harley and smokes Purple Haze (not at the same time, I am sure)!

Then there is  Doris (Dory), the office pet who turned out to be a girl. She loves to snuggle and hang out with team member Stacy between naps.

Not only do these team members run an incredibly efficient company, but they also walk the talk, experiencing the very seeds they sell.

Seeds Available

  • Strains
  • Feminized seeds
  • Autoflowers
  • Beginner seeds
  • High yield seeds
  • High CBD Seeds
  • Mix Packs

Let’s briefly look at these.


Whether you are looking to relax, or find some much-needed energy or inspiration, you are sure to find a strain here that will suit you.

These strains include Indica, Stevia, Hybrid, High THC, Low THC, and High CBD.

Popular:  Blackberry Kush, Blue Dream, Blueberry, Durban Poison, Gelato, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue #4, Granddaddy Purple, Harlequin, Jack Herer, Og Kosh, Purple Haze, Skywalker OG, Sour Diesel, White Widow

Blue Haze cannabis strain


Relaxing: Afghan, Afghan Kush, Big Bud, Blackberry, Blue Cheese, Blue Maze, Blueberry, Bubba, Cherry Pie, Critical Mass, Fire Og, Granddaddy Purple, Green Love Potion, Hindu Kush, Martian Candy, Master Kush, Northern Lights, Og Kush, Wedding Crasher, Snowball, Dragon Fruit, White Rhyder, Illuminati, Anonymous


Energizing: Agent Orange, Agent Tangle, Amnesia Haze, Bruce Banner #3, Chocolope, Green Crack, Maui Wowie, Pineapple Haze, Project Blue Book, Sasquatch Sap, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, Super Lemon Haze, Super Silver Haze, Webster, Cherry Punch, Guava, Blueberry Muffin, Blueberry Blast



ILGM stands behind their guarantee. The feminized seeds are guaranteed to become female plants that are necessary to produce THC. This helps you to take the guesswork out of what you are planting, ensuring you have top-quality cannabis seeds.

Feminized seeds produce only female plants, and because every single plant will flower, you can have efficient use of growing space.

On the downside, since the seeds are female, there is no chance of getting more seeds without a male plant to breed them with.

Popular Feminized Seeds: Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, Super Silver Haze, White Widow, Super Skunk, Blue Haze, Gorilla Glue, and more



These feminized seeds are perfect for the beginner because as the name implies, they will flower automatically. Another great reason to choose auto-flowering plants is their hardiness as they will grow in less-than-perfect conditions.

Autoflower seeds are easy to grow, hardy, don’t need light, can produce more than one harvest in a year, and can be grown indoors or outdoors.

On the downside, they yield less and are not as potent (due to lack of light and time).

Popular Auto Flower Seeds: Girl Scout Cookies, Blueberry, Cool Leaf, Gorilla Glue, White Widow

Zkittlez Autoflower. I love growing marijuana review



We ALL have to start somewhere, right? Well ILGM makes it easy for you. Growing your own cannabis can be fun and rewarding. Buying feminized seeds can make your life a lot easier since you don’t have to worry about separating the males.

ILGM will provide you with all the information you need – from buying seeds to the type of seeds to the equipment you need, where to plant them, how to care for them, and how to harvest them.

Popular Beginner Seeds (feminized and autoflower): White Widow, Super Skunk, Granddaddy Purple, Bruce Banner Autoflower,  Banana Kush Autoflower, Girl Scout Extreme Autoflower, Zkittlez Autoflower, Gelato Autoflower, AK-47, Lowryder Autoflower, Wedding Cake, White Widow Autoflower


Of course, you want the most for your buck, right? These seeds promise a huge harvest but you must be prepared to put a little elbow grease in it (or your green thumbs). These are probably best for the experienced grower.

Another great feature of high-yield seeds is the fact that in some states you are limited to the number of plants you can grow but not the harvest.

So to sum it up, high-yield seeds can produce up to 400 grams per plant so you are getting the most from your plants-great if you are limited in plant numbers or space-and a high-quality harvest.

The downside is that they will require some effort and work on your part.

Popular High Yielding Seeds (feminized): Big Bud, Trainwreck, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, Blue Dream, Super Skunk, Green Crack, California Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Chronic Widow, Sour Diesel, Gold Leaf, Strawberry, Gelato, and more



If you prefer seeds that are higher in CBD, ILGM can provide these also.

Popular High Yield CBD Seeds: Og Kush, White Widow Autoflower, Critical Mass Autoflower, Carma, Strawberry Kush, Blueberry, White Widow, Harlequin

Carma CBD

MIX PACKS (variety packs)

Mix packs are exactly that, so if you are not sure what you want to plant, take advantage of these multiple feminized seeds.  They also come with some nice pricing discounts.

Popular Mix Packs to Choose from are: Beginner, Heavy Hitters, Autoflower, Fruit Kush, High Yield, Patriot, Platinum, Spicy, Auto 2.0, Baked Sweets, Berry, Bling Bling, Blue, DEA, Dreamy, Dutch Classics, Cash Crop, Indica, Juicy, Kush, OG, Outdoor, Persian, Pop Culture, Power, Premium, Purple, Rainbow Haze, Sativa, USA, Widows

Other Products

In addition to all the seeds available, ILGM has come up with Grow Kits to get you started, complete with fertilizer and plant protectors against unwanted bugs and pests.


This kit contains everything you need:

  • 20 White Widow feminized seeds
  • Marijuana fertilizer sets (enough for 5 – 10 plants)
  • Plant protector for 20 plants

White Widow Grow Kit, I love growing marijuana review


This kit contains everything you need:

  • 20 Gold Leaf feminized seeds
  • Marijuana fertilizer (enough for 5 – 10 plants)
  • Plant protector for 20 plants


This kit contains everything you need:

  • 20 high-yielding Big Bud feminized seeds
  • Marijuana fertilizer set (enough for 5 – 10 plants)
  • Plant protector for 20 plants



This kit contains everything you need:

  • 20 White Widow Autoflowering feminized seeds
  • Marijuana fertilizer set (enough for 5 – 10 plants)
  • Plant protector for 20 plants



This kit contains everything you need:

  • 20 Harlequin feminized seeds
  • Marijuana fertilizer set (enough for 5 – 10 plants)
  • Plant protector for 20 plants


*These kits are all at discounted prices. Seeds and nutrients are shipped separately.


This oil is a 100% natural organic compound for daily relief and relaxation.

  • 1 to 10 drops/per day recommended amount
  • 500 mg CBD/bottle
  • 10 ml bottle

Organic CBD Oil, I love growing marijuana review



This fertilizer contains everything you need:

  • Nutrients for at least 5 plants
  • Discounted combination deal
  • Suitable for all growing mediums, including soil and hydroponic

Marijuana Fertilizer, I love growing marijuana review

Marijuana Fertilizer

Guides & Resources

We are not done yet. The ILGM website is chock full of guides and resources. For example:

  • Starting out
  • The Cannabis plant
  • Grow stages
  • Growing indoors
  • Growing outdoors
  • Grow mediums
  • Water and nutrients
  • Troubleshooting
  • Advanced techniques
  • Coveted strains
  • Growers Dictionary
  • Ultimate Grow Bible


Free Marijuana Grow Course

Learn the basics and advanced techniques in growing your own cannabis in this comprehensive free course which covers:

  • Introduction to Growing
  • From Seed to Bud
  • Grow Skills
  • Climate
  • Plant Care
  • Watering
  • Plant Biology
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Outdoor Growing
  • Bubble Buckets
  • Master Classes


Rewards Program

As a valued customer, ILGM has a Rewards Program with many benefits.

  • Free to join
  • Shop for exclusive rewards
  • Big Bonuses
  • Access to exclusive strains
  • Points for referring a friend

Customer Service

In addition to their online contact form, there is a Grow Support Forum where you can ask questions of the experts, check your order status, and FAQs on payments, shipping, and growing.

While you can’t reach them by phone, you can contact them on their site or send them a message on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. In my experience, they are quick to respond.

Customer Reviews

According to the Kiyah review system, this company must be doing something right with 5,753 reviews in the last 12 months and a recommendation percentage of 94%.  Most of the reviews boast a positive experience.

Pros and Cons of ILGM


  • Free and quick shipping in the U.S. (not shipping to Australia at present)
  • Online bank transfers available in the U.S.
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Top-quality products
  • Germination guarantee
  • Nondescript packaging
  • Mix packages, especially great for beginners
  • Strong positive reviews
  • Grow Support Forum for growers
  • Discounts for paying by Bitcoin
  • Popular discount – 10 seeds free for ten purchased


  • Do not ship to Canada or the UK
  • Cannot reach them by phone
  • Tracking is available at an extra $25
  • Prices might be considered expensive but discounts are often available
  • They do not recommend credit card payments

Final Opinion

Overall, I Love Growing Marijuana stacks up quite well–from its quality seeds to its vast knowledge, customer service, satisfied customers, and germination guarantee. The company consistently offers discounts and deals as well as a Reward Program with VIP benefits

FDA Disclosure

Have you ever tried a seed bank? We invite your comments below.


4 thoughts on “I Love Growing Marijuana Review [2021]”

  1. Marijuana is also a medicinal plant used for some types of treatments in some cultures. Although it is still not approved by the governments and continues being seen as an illegal substance, which it is, but used properly  it actually helps like any other medication. I did not know it was a combination of several plants and weeds.

    • More and more people are turning to cannabis instead of pharmaceutical drugs to help manage their daily wellness routine. There is more to the eye than just a plant. It is a very interesting subject indeed and will continue to be so for quite some time. 

  2. This review is very thorough and informative! I’ve never known anything about the process of growing marijuana, much less the fact that you need to use feminized seeds to grow female plants in order to get them to produce the necessary flowers. This was a super cool piece of knowledge. The website that you are reviewing does seem to be very knowledgeable and the team very good at their craft. I feel like they are the real deal for sure. 

    • Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you found the review helpful. I don’t think a lot of people realize what goes into growing your plants – it’s more than sticking a few seeds in the ground and letting nature do the rest. Yes, it is very important to have female plants if you are looking for THC. When you get a minute browse around their site; there is so much information available.


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