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I love to travel with my husband, especially to the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Costa Rica and Mexico.  I love spending time with my grandchildren. In my spare time, I paint and draw, read…lots…and enjoy doing crossword puzzles. I love to stay active, and with pain as my constant companion, this was difficult for me.

Since 1994, I have suffered on and off with chronic pain as a result of degenerative joint changes in both my hips and knees.

After refusing traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions as I felt they were invasive to my body, I started researching CBD products, specifically oils, and medical marijuana products.

What I have learned has made a world of difference in my pain management and I hope to share some of that knowledge and the benefits with you so you can make an educated decision with regards to your health choices.

If I can help you in any way, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Mary Ann




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