Get Rid of Scar Tissue Naturally

Get Rid of Scar Tissue Naturally

Most of us have scars on our bodies and they don’t bother us. However, a very prominent scar can leave us feeling insecure, embarrassed, and unhappy. What if you could get rid of scar tissue naturally? What Are Scars When we are injured, our skin forms a fibrous (connective) tissue that replaces the normal skin

Where Do Skin Tags Come From

Where do Skin Tags come from?

Skin tags are more common than you probably think. If you don’t have any, you probably know someone who does. They can occur at any age. What are skin tags? Can they be dangerous? Should they be removed? Are there natural remedies? Where do Skin Tags come from and what can we do about them?

The Truth about Hemorrhoids [and remedies]

The Truth About Hemorrhoids [and remedies]

This may seem personal and embarrassing but the sad and painful truth is that 20 to 50% of all people in the U.S. will develop hemorrhoids resulting in approximately 4 million annual office and emergency visits. Males and females can both be affected. What causes hemorrhoids, what are the symptoms, who do they affect, and

Positive Effects of Cannabis:CBD

Positive Effects of Cannabis: CBD

Cannabis sativa has been used therapeutically for at least two thousand years. Some of cannabis’s effects are thought to be derived from its components known as cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabis comes in a variety of ways, and the positive effects of cannabis are increasing. Cannabis: The Basics Explained There are about 120 different

Health Benefits of CBD for Men

Health Benefits of CBD For Men

Due to its all-natural pain-relieving and soothing properties, cannabidiol (CBD) has grown in popularity in recent years. Numerous supplement delivery methods are available, including candies, tinctures and oils, beard oil, lotions, and coffee. What precisely is CBD, what diseases may it be used to manage, and the health benefits of CBD for men? A part

Epilepsy in Children – Why Parents are Turning to CBD

Epilepsy in Children – why-parents are turning to cbd

Epilepsy in Children – CBD & Medical Cannabis UPDATED MAY 2022 There is a lot of controversy about giving CBD products or medical marijuana for conditions such as epilepsy in children, and rightly so! These are our children, our future, and we want what is best for them. As a grandparent of a beautiful bright

CBD for Kids with Anxiety (is it safe)

CBD for Kids with Anxiety (is it safe)

Studies are showing that CBD does help with anxiety, especially by the number of adults using it every day for that purpose. However, is it safe to give CBD to Kids with Anxiety? Here we will discuss the statistics on anxiety, the symptoms of anxiety in kids, studies and clinical trials, presently prescribed drugs and

Celebrities Who Endorse CBD

Celebrities Who Endorse CBD

When a celebrity endorses a product, we tend to think it must be a good product – whether it’s athletic wear such as Nike, a body product, or a perfume. CBD products are no exception. There are several big names that have aligned themselves with CBD, creating their own product line. Here we will fill

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