What Is The Entourage Effect

Definition of Entourage: Environment or surroundings.

The Entourage Effect of Terpenes

It is a mechanism whereby cannabinoids and terpenes work simultaneously with one another therapeutically to produce a range of effects called the ‘Entourage effect’ which is greater than the sum of its individual components. It’s the synergy of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds.


Note: According to Wikipedia, as of 2018, this concept has no rigorous scientific evidence.

However, research in 2017 in Advances in Pharmacology details the benefits of the entourage effect of whole plants vs broad spectrum and the ability of terpenes to contribute to therapeutic roles far beyond expectations.

This paper also states that Sativex® which is a standardized whole cannabis extract is now a prescription in 29 countries and mainly incorporates terpenoids which make up 6 to 7 percent of total cannabinoids.

These studies conclude that there is strong support for full spectrum cannabis as the better choice over single compounds such as the CBD isolate.





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