CBD Oil Canada Review-Should You Trust Them?

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Finding a company you can trust and rely on is very important. You are probably reading this CBD Oil Canada Review-Should You Trust Them, for those very reasons.

When it comes to buying CBD online, there are so many companies out there it can make your head spin. You not only want premium quality CBD products for you and your family to support your healthy lifestyle, but you want to be able to afford them as well. 

Legalization of CBD in Canada

Even though Canada led the way by legalizing medical marijuana in 2001, and recreational marijuana in October 2018, with edibles following in October 2019, it is still difficult to find a good company in Canada that you can trust. In our CBD Oil Canada Review, we are going to look at some pros and cons of this company and what others are saying.

With current laws in place now, CBD is legal to take, so for Canadians, it is important to find a company you trust.  Even though it is legal in Canada, it cannot be purchased from the U.S. or other countries.

This is what the Government of Canada says:

“Only certain requirements apply to the import or export of CBD products. Any import or export must adhere to these requirements and is only permitted:

  • to a person who holds a licence under the Cannabis Regulations in accordance with an import or export permission given to them by Health Canada for that shipment.
  • under an import or export permit issued to the licence holder by Health Canada for that shipment
  • for a legitimate scientific or medical purpose, as per international agreements”

The government goes on to say:

“The Cannabis Act and its regulations do not distinguish between CBD derived from industrial hemp and CBD derived from cannabis with greater than 0.3% THC.”

If you do find a company willing to ship to you, you run the risk of the products being confiscated and losing your money. Therefore, legally, you should rely on companies here in Canada.

Private retailers require a license (or permit) from their provincial government to sell recreational cannabis in Canada, regardless if it is in a physical location or online.

But that, in itself won’t guarantee that the company is ‘good’ or has your best interests and well-being in mind. Let’s see how CBD Oil Canada stands out.

Who is CBD Oil Canada

CBD Oil Canada is a premium online dispensary offering some of the purest CBD products in Canada. All of their CBD products are manufactured in British Columbia (BC) with the exception of the Savage line (manufactured in California), producing the purest CBD oils grown and harvested in Canada. Their isolate products are all lab tested to ensure quality and purity.

Why Choose CBD Oil Canada

CBD Oil Canada prides itself on being a one-stop-shop, providing premium products. Their customer service is strong with an emphasis on providing you with a ‘good’ experience. I personally have contacted them in the past via email and their response is quick and timely.

The product line is large, offering you CBD oils, concentrates, topicals, and edibles, as well as treats and oils for your pets. The companies they distribute for are well known in the cannabis and CBD community.

Their comprehensive CBD Oil Dosage Guide is very informative and detailed, and accessible online. If you are a first time CBD user, you will find this guide invaluable.

The online ordering process is easy and painless with detailed instructions on how to order and pay.

All products are shipped anywhere in Canada via Canada Post, in discreet packaging, and arrives within 1 – 3 days.

Products they Offer

Where possible, instructions are given on how to use the product, recommended dosages, if it is full-spectrum vs isolate, lab results, detailed descriptions of the product, and customer reviews. Since they carry such a great selection, I will just highlight a few.


Popular brands they carry include Honest Botanicals, Island Therapeutics, Miss Envy, Savage CBD, Mary’s Medibles, Nova and Delush.


A wide variety of vape cartridges, disposable and rechargeable vape pens, vape juice, oil tinctures, Phoenix Tears, CBD Isolate, Cherry and Honey concentrated oils. All are made in BC (with the exception of the Savage CBD line which is made in California).


The topicals are made in Canada. Products include roll-on pain gels, balms, transdermal patches, massage oils, lotions and salves, and a great lip balm.


Edibles are made in Canada and include chocolate bars, CBD gummies, oil tinctures and gel capsules. Brands include Miss Envy, Five Point Edibles, Twisted Extracts, Savage CBD, Tetra Technologies, Honest Botanicals, Mary’s Medibles.


CBD infused oil tinctures that can improve the quality of life for your furry friends with chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, seizures, and so much more! 

In addition to the oils, there are some great treats such as the CBD Kitty Bitty’s and CBD Bully Bites.

Five Stars, CBD Oil Canada

What Others Are Saying

“Upon searching for endless Canadian sites for CBD vape juice for a long time, I did decide to end up buying from CBD Oil Canada (mainly because there was a sale for Boxing day). Well, just as I hit send, the discount ended because at this point it was already a few minutes past midnight. Well, I thought to give it a shot to contact them and see if I can have it honoured for me since I literally only missed it by a few minutes. Well, needless to say, they gave me what I had hoped for! Already an A+ in customer service! My order arrived in what… a day after ship! Considering we’re both in Vancouver, I knew it shouldn’t be long. Then my shipment arrived and had an issue with it, so again I contacted them and they rectified it straight away! I am blown by their customer service, I definitely will be a repeat customer. Thank you, Jen, u rock!”

“I ordered my CBD oil from here and I am amazed how the product has helped me in just 2 weeks. It has taken away my pain so much that it is more bearable, and has added to my mobility so that I can do more than I did before. I highly recommend CBD OIL Canada for their service is prompt and professional. I will be ordering from them from now on.”

“Shipping was fast and products are great. Easy and smooth transaction. I will definitely be using CBD Oil Canada again! Thanks.”

“Ordered their oil for my dog after a poor experience with a much more expensive brand. The product arrived quickly, my dog loves the taste, and best of all, it’s working and she is in less pain and calmer. Thanks.”

“Amazing products, huge selection of any kind of CBD u would be looking for. Friendly Online support/staff. I love it’s Canadian, well because we rock ‘n all… Would & will highly recommend to friends, family. Fast, safe, secure shipping & payment options…. 5-5 :)”

We have been treating our Daschund/Russell cross with your products for his IVDD. Our vet can’t believe that he is walking and we can’t thank your company enough for the professional service and quick delivery of your excellent products.

Five Stars, CBD Oil Canada


Summing up, let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • The company website is easy to navigate for efficient use of your time
  • CBD Dosage Guide available online for adults and pets – awesome for a ‘newbie’
  • Quick delivery – 1 to 3 days
  • Wide variety of products to choose from
  • Top-quality, AAA medical-grade cannabis and cannabis products
  • Accept interact email transfers and Bitcoin as forms of payment
  • Significant discounts
  • 100% delivery guarantee
  • Excellent customer service (this is mentioned in their reviews, time and again)


  • Shipping is not free unless you spend $150 ($15 flat rate otherwise)
  • No return policy
  • A bit more information on the company itself would be nice (eg. who the team players are and what they are responsible for, and how long in business)

Final Thoughts

This Canadian company is definitely on the rise in the CBD industry. Their quality products and customer service are excellent, and their reviews tell you they go above and beyond.

Even though they don’t have a return policy per se, they are willing to treat each transaction individually and will work something out to your satisfaction.

With regards to compassionate pricing, they say “We have priced most of our products below our competitors’ prices, and if needed you can send us a message explaining your situation and we can usually work something out.”

This just tells me that CBD Oil Canada really cares about you!

21 thoughts on “CBD Oil Canada Review-Should You Trust Them?”

  1. CBD Oil Canada certainly sounds trustworthy to me. There are so many companies out there jumping on the CBD bandwagon that it is really hit-or-miss. The same basic described product from two different companies can have major differences in quality. I’ve suffered through wasting too much money on garbage. Thanks to your review, I am definitely going to check out CBD Oil Canada. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hi Cathy. There is that fear that everyone wants to make money and thinking all CBD products are created equally, and we know they aren’t. There is also an excellent company in the US (actually there are a few that I will be reviewing) but I just did one on Joy Organics and they also have a very good reputation. I hope you give CBD Oil Canada a try.

  2. I have been using CBD oil for pain as well; my wife has been using it for cancer issues. We live in Canada, and getting CBD oil has gotten much more comfortable. Thanks for bringing this excellent healing product to the forefront for people to see that it’s not bad, but instead provides benefits. We’ve tried, but it’s better if someone is an expert in this. As they will have more to empower others to take their healing in their hands. 

    • Hi Eric. Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that it is helping you and your wife to live a better quality of life. Since the legalization changed, it has made it much easier to obtain but also opens the door for unscrupulous people who don’t care about you and are providing inferior products.

  3. If you ask me, I will say that their pros far outweigh their cons, there is no place where you can outrightly enjoy free shipping, either the organization is adding the cost to the product cost or you have made enough purchase above specific threshold, that the profit far outweighs the cost of transport .

    For me I go with CBD sunscreen, solely because of the aloe vera and shea butter. Good company

    • Hello. I have to agree with you. Their pros are certainly lots. And as you say, shipping is never really ‘free.’  Plus this company is willing to talk to you if you have an issue and will look at solutions that are beneficial to all concerned. I think that goes above and beyond.

  4. I think CBD oil is an awesome thing.  I see so many people with seizures taking the CBD oil and it’s actually helping them tremendously.  I personally like the rub.  Does wonders for my muscles.  I know the Feds still consider it illegal but I think they are getting more lenient towards it.  I think I would try the Sniffer Salve for my dog.  He’s a pit bull getting to be around 12yr old.  He’s healthy but his hind legs are getting awful soar.  The doctor told me to give it an aspirin each day but I’d rather give it something natural.  Have you heard any good feedback about the Sniffer Salve? 

    • Hi Jon. Glad you like CBD! I personally have not used the Sniffer Salve but the reviews on their other pet products are all very good so it wouldn’t surprise me that this one is good also. Give it a try :).

  5. Thank you so much for your review of CBD Oil Canada. There are so many CBD companies out there and it is best for your health to buy from the trusted source. My body deserves premium products!

    I am a big fan of tinctures, just one dropper under my tongue and I feel the effects right away. It is unfortunate that they do not offer free shipping but maybe I can ask my friends and we can order together. I might as well just try one first and take it from there.

    • Hi Nuttanee. Thanks for stopping by. What an excellent idea to get your friends to order under one order. As a previous person mentioned, nothing is really free and a lot of the times the cost is built-in. Part of their reasoning is the ridiculously high shipping costs in Canda. I hope you give them a try :).

  6. Dosage guide is very important for a product like this and it’s also very important for government regulations. 

    Its a good thing that cannabis is legalized in Canada. 

    This CBD Canada has been making some waves lately and has been getting a lot of positive reviews so I think they could be trusted. 

    I can see they have wide range of products to offer but does these products have side effects? 

    This company have everything to lose if they can not offer the kind of quality they pride themselves on.

    • Dosage is important and a first time user should go very slow and start with a small amount. As for side effects, some people have experienced a few. Check my article here for more information.

  7. Interesting! since the initiation of the AMCPR, I developed a huge trust for Mettrum and Peace Natural Project Inc to purchase CBD products. 

    Also, the legalization of the oil in the country is a huge step in the right direction. This means that it is readily available to those who are need of it without much hassle and baffle. 

    • Hello. Thanks for stopping by. I agree that legalization is a huge step in making CBD readily available for those who need it to improve their quality of life.

  8. Thank you for reviewing CBD oil Canada. Looks like a genuine company to buy CBD oil from. One thing that caught my attention was that CBD oil is grown and harvested  in Canada and their isolate products are also lab tested. That gives buyer a confidence in buying expensive products. Only thing that surprised me is that they don’t have return policy on purchase. 

    • Hello. Yes, it is refreshing to see that their cannabis is grown and harvested in Canada. Canada’s shipping costs are high so they try to keep their prices down a bit but will also go out of their way to help you. Their customer service is excellent making for a better buying experience.

  9. Hi there! I just finished reading your review about the CBD oil Canada. I really got to say I’m intrigued about CBD for a couple of days. 

    I have an illness called schizophrenia and I learned on a forum that CBD could really help you improve the symptoms. I have a lot of negative symptoms and it is supposed to help me with that, the CBD I mean.

    Do you know if it would help me in another ways about my illness? If so do you know if it would also helped me with my back pain?

    It would be nice to see a bit more of information about the CBD oil from Canada. Because CBD really picked my interest.

    It’s amazing! they even have a sunscreen with CBD on it? that’s is unheard of.´

    About the shipment and the laws, may I ship it to Portugal? If so it has to be directly to a doctor or the family doctor right? Or can I just bought it to my self?

    It’s a shame they don’t a return guarantee of any product because I saw in another company that they will have a 60 days empty bootle  and money-back guarantee.

    So could you lead me with a bit more information please? it would be nice! If you can’t it’s okay too.

    About you post you have done a great job writing it. The images are also very appealing!


    • Hi Chester. I am glad to know you are interested in learning more about CBD. As far as getting CBD in Portugal, you would have to check the laws in your country. Canada CANNOT ship outside their country at present.

      Many people use CBD to aid them in sleeping at night, whether they have pain or just want a good night’s sleep.

      Please check out my other articles on my site for more information.

  10. Hello, got my free trial today(9/21/20) and am eager to find out how it will help me. Just in case, could you give me a phone number or e-mail address that I can use to cancel any future shipment to me. Thank you.


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