Health Benefits of CBD for Men

Health Benefits of CBD For Men

Due to its all-natural pain-relieving and soothing properties, cannabidiol (CBD) has grown in popularity in recent years. Numerous supplement delivery methods are available, including candies, tinctures and oils, beard oil, lotions, and coffee. What precisely is CBD, what diseases may it be used to manage, and the health benefits of CBD for men? A part

Epilepsy in Children – Why Parents are Turning to CBD

Epilepsy in Children – why-parents are turning to cbd

Epilepsy in Children – CBD & Medical Cannabis UPDATED MAY 2022 There is a lot of controversy about giving CBD products or medical marijuana for conditions such as epilepsy in children, and rightly so! These are our children, our future, and we want what is best for them. As a grandparent of a beautiful bright

CBD - Anxiety and the Holidays

CBD – Anxiety and the Holidays

Let’s face it. Holidays are crazier than ever – it is so easy to get caught up in the frenzy that we don’t enjoy the festive times the way we should. There are relatives and friends to buy for, food to prepare and cook, baking, and rooms to make up for overnight guests and families,

CBD Oil in Your Coffee - How Healthy is it

CBD Oil in Your Coffee – How Healthy is it

It is autumn, and in so many areas it is a time when leaves are turning brilliant shades of orange and gold and the fall air is so crisp! It’s a time for warm drinks such as CBD oil and our special Pumpkin Latte. It is also a time when we celebrate Halloween, pumpkins, and

Top 4 Reasons I Take CBD Every Day

Top 4 Reasons I Take CBD Every Day


Is CBD Legal in the States - Are we Clear Yet

Is CBD Legal in the States – Are we Clear Yet

Mary AnnSince 1994, I have suffered on and off with chronic pain as a result of degenerative joint changes in both my hips and knees. After refusing traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions as I felt they were invasive to my body, I started researching CBD products, specifically oils and medical marijuana products. I am happy to say

Purchasing CBD Oil in Mexico

Purchasing CBD in Mexico

For the past two years, as a Canadian citizen, I have possessed a medical marijuana license in Canada (where both medical and recreational marijuana is now legal), and I can connect with licensed retailers of medical marijuana and CBD-based products within Canada for my personal use. However, as a ‘snowbird’ living in Mexico for half

CBD and Weed for Women's Pain Relief - Does it Help

CBD and Weed for Women’s Pain Relief – Does it Help

Mary AnnMary Ann shares her passion and personal experience with CBD and medical cannabis as well as the experiences of others. Do visit regularly to find out the ins and outs of CBD and medical marijuana products. If you are passionate about something and would love to share it on your own website, then click

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