CBD in Food and Drink [Craze is Everywhere!]

CBD and food? Really? Can this be true?! Not only is it true, but it seems to be what people are asking for! In July 2017, the Monarch and the Milkweed which is a pastry shop, fine diner, and cocktail bar in South Burlington Vermont, began selling cannabidiol-infused truffles. Shortly after, the Green Goddess Cafe said they would offer smoothies, coffee drinks and some baked goods containing cannabidiol (CBD) in August. Dining out is taking on a whole new meaning!

Is This Becoming a Trend?

We know that many people have been experimenting with CBD infused edibles in their home so it just makes sense that food establishments would get in on this. Nothing like a great cup of coffee with your favourite treat, right?

CBD oil has no psychoactive effects (unlike its counterpart THC which is responsible for feeling high or euphoric). Everyone is raving about its many health benefits which include easing anxiety, making us relax, helping with our moods and providing pain relief. Because of these benefits, many businesses are starting to use it in their coffees, teas, and edibles for their customers.

As you can see from this video, Buy Legal Meds, located in Las Vegas, has a wide variety of products including smoothies and desserts. Notice also that a lot of their customers are over 40 years of age!



A cafe in downtown Seattle, the Cafe Hitchcock Express, plans to be open in 2018 and will serve a CBD oil-infused latte!

Flower Power Coffee House in Glendale Queens NY had its Grand Opening in April of this year, serving a coffee with CBD, made by Deez CBD Coffee Founder David Dzurik.

Moorenko’s Ice Cream Shop in Silver Springs Maryland is selling a CBD-infused Costa Rican coffee blend even though it is still focusing on its ice cream sales.

Coffee, tea, and desserts aren’t the only products using CBD oil. Gracias Madre in West Hollywood is selling enhanced cocktails made with 100% organic cannabinoid oil while Madison in San Diego is serving the Mr. Nice Guy which is a combination of mezcal, CBD oil, matcha (powdered green tea leaves), coconut milk and lime and sells for $18 US.

These are just a few of the establishments springing up in the US.

Whether all of these proposed establishments will be legal and stay open, remains to be seen.

Will Canada Follow Suit?

Now that Canada is legalizing Recreational Marijuana, will we see a trend here as well?

Tee Krispil who is a Canadian rapper and hails from Ottawa is a bit ahead of the curve. She began making her own ‘teas’ while in college and is already selling her products. She owns Fleurs Lis, operating with 7 women, in Yaletown, Vancouver. Krispil launched Fleurs Lis by throwing teabags to a crowd at the 420 Vancouver Festival in 2017. This year she plans to have her own booth. (Note: see statement below regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on selling edibles).

In addition to smoking and vaping, people will want the edibles, whether it’s brownies or candies such as chocolates, gummies, and caramels.

different flavoured CBD gummies

Second Cup is already planning to convert some of its more than 300 coffee shops for cannabis consumption as well as cannabis stores and pot lounges, signing an agreement with NAC (National Access Cannabis) to develop and operate recreational pot stores. This, of course, all hinges on the legalization of marijuana and approval of the Government. Second Cup is hoping this will boost its sales since it has been losing market share to competition from Tim Horton’s and Starbucks.

CannTrust, a medical cannabis producer in Vaughn Ontario is developing a pot pod for single-serve coffee makers calling it the CannCup. You will have your choice of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

While CannTrust is ready to go, it still doesn’t have a green light and still has to wait for approval from Health Canada for a license to produce and sell it. Although the Supreme Court’s ruling states that Medical Marijuana is legal in ALL its forms, Health Canada is only allowing licensed companies to produce and sell the oil, buds, and leaves but not infused edibles, such as coffees, teas, and desserts.


CannTrust has gone through some major difficulties over the past year including losing its license. Although its license has been reinstated as of August 5th for the Vaughn manufacturing facility, it is not selling medical cannabis products at this time.

This map shows all the licenses issued by Health Canada allowing producers to produce and sell to the public (who are eligible) dried and fresh marijuana and CBD oil. These licenses fall under the ACMPR which is the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations act.

Map showing Medical Licenses by Health Canada

When the Recreational Marijuana law comes into effect, Ottawa has said edibles still won’t be legal for sale in Canada. The federal government states that time is needed to develop and regulate laws before edibles are considered safe for the public. When this happens (projected sometime in 2019), a lot of people stand to make some big money. According to BDS Analytics, in Colorado legal sales of edibles totalled over 90 million US dollars in 2014. In 2016 the figures were at 189 million US.

In the meantime though, once Recreational Marijuana is legalized, you will be able to enjoy your own home-baked edibles the same as licensed medical marijuana patients do now.

On a Personal Note

Since I have my medical marijuana license, I make a great brownie using a mix and 1 cup of cannabis butter. I love the mix as it makes 20 – 24 nice dense brownies, is gluten-free which is a bonus if you are gluten intolerant. My husband, who also has his license really likes these. I have made brownies from scratch before but really like this mix better. As far as I know, it is only available in Canada (I buy it from the Bulk Barn and not sure if all stores carry it). You can add chocolate chips, walnuts, and icing if you like but they are sweet enough on their own.

a pan of marijuana brownies

I also make ‘no-cook’ balls that are loaded with healthy ingredients. Perhaps I will share this recipe in a future post.

(Disclaimer: Please be advised that this content is not a medical or legal endorsement on my part.)

FDA Disclosure

Does the thought of CBD infused coffee or edibles intrigue you? How do you feel about CBD infused edibles being available in restaurants and stores? Please feel free to share any comments.


14 thoughts on “CBD in Food and Drink [Craze is Everywhere!]”

  1. Hello Mary, this is a controversial topic. Where I live (Sri Lanka) I don’t think this kind of thing will get legalized ever. However, people do use lot of herbals for treatments that are far more effective than scientific western medicine.

    • Hi Saumya,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes CBD and Marijuana in general is a very controversial topic. In Canada, we are just in the process of legalizing recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana has been in place for quite awhile. As you said, there are many people who are looking for alternative pathways to their health that don’t include pharmaceutical drugs.

  2. Hi Mary Ann! Thank you so much for sharing your passion with CBD oil. I used it at the recommendation of my doctor when I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I was amazed at the results. CBD is definitely the wave of the future in alternative medicine. Thanks for helping to get the word out!

    • You are welcome Ashley. Yes, I have spoken to so many people who have used CBD in one form or another for various conditions. I am glad that the CBD oil was able to help with your skin cancer and happier still that your doctor actually recommended it. That is forward thinking. My own doctor is ‘old’school and won’t refer patients. Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Natural remedies are far more effective than chemical ones when it comes to prevention in my opinion (as opposed to treatment). While I’m not a major user, this post has intrigued me and I wasn’t fully aware of these developments.
    thanks for this, I’ll certainly be looking into this with greater detail.

    • Hi Vivek.

      Thanks for your interest and comments. I know there are so many of us who believe natural remedies are the best and that chemicals can do more harm than good. Unfortunately, a lot of people associate marijuana with the ‘high.’ I am happy you are open-minded and willing to look further.

  4. It’s time to address the medicinal part of the plant Marijuana. I know it has been a taboo but strangely there are drugs that have far worse effects and those are not talked about. This is a plant and people can choose what to do with it. If there is an opportunity to create medicine and help cure diseases why not use it for good? I think this is where the focus should be first by creating an awareness of the medicinal benefits of the plant (or products created from the plant) with articles like this who explain the benefits of CBD oil.

    • Hi Dira,

      What part of the world are you in? In Canada, we are fortunate to have Medical Marijuana and our Government is in the process of legalizing Recreational Marijuana. I know many states are still not on board. And of course, the FDA (the United States Food & Drug Administration) has not approved CBD for any medical treatment.

      Many people, especially the aged, want to get off prescription medication and are turning to CBD products to help them do just that. Education is key and we hope to keep more articles coming in the future.

  5. I’m not sure how comfortable I’d feel experimenting with this. I know it’s a marijuana product but I”m not sure exactly what cbd is. How is it different from the plant or is it the same thing? Marijuana is becoming legal in more places every year so what cautions should you take in experimenting with it?

    • Hello! I understand your discomfort. I was that way for a long long time. I am a senior and have always been against pharmaceutical drugs and scared of the side effects. After talking to several others and doing research, it was the best thing I did. 

      Perhaps I can refer you to my article https://iscbdforme.org/who-is-… Perhaps it will give you a better understanding of what CBD is.

      I am not a doctor so advise anyone that if they are planning on using the marijuana as an alternative treatment, they consult their doctor or a medical practitioner, and to ensure CBD/medical marijuana products are legal in their country or ‘area’ of residence.

      I hope I have answered some of your questions. Feel free to stop by anytime.

  6. Hi Mary Ann,
    I am a recent convert to CBD Hemp Oil. I currently use the 300mg bottle and the effects for me personally have been amazing. Unfortunately with the controversy in Canada my supplier has decided to stop shipping to Canada until it gets sorted out.

    I hope the Canadian Government get’s itself sorted out.

    Anyways, great article, I have never tried edibles but I think that is now on my list for sure. Thanks again for the info.

    • Hi Terry,

      I am happy to hear that the CBD oil is helping you but sorry that you have had to stop receiving from your supplier here in Canada. Hopefully, the recreational laws will pass in August and not drag on indefinitely which I could see happening, government being what it is.

      My husband and I both have our medical marijuana licenses here in Canada and are fortunate to have a couple of really good suppliers. A couple of them even offer compassionate pricing for those who may be on fixed or low incomes.

      Thanks for checking us out and if you have any questions in the future, I will try and answer them for you.

  7. I have heard, in passing, references to cannabidiol in food products but I didn’t think they would be serious incorporating the ingredient into everyday foods such as coffee, ice cream and baked goods. What is the taste in equivalency to? Are there issues with the manufacturing process that can arise similar to kombucha?

    • Hi Elan,

      Thank you for your interest. I understand that the taste may vary. One owner of a café in Las Vegas mentions that it has a mild grassy flavor. I have not personally tried CBD infused coffee but doing some research it is said that it tastes like a traditional cup of coffee if prepared correctly.

      In Canada, we have one company called CannTrust, who developed a pot pod for single-serve coffee makers in your choice of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. They are just waiting for the go ahead from Health Canada.

      As for issues in the manufacturing process  I cannot speak about the issues involving Kombucha as I personally don’t use it.  There are several cafes in the states who are already selling the coffee quite successfully. I mention a few in this article. 

      Thanks for your comments.


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