Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Anxiety

There’s no doubt about it. Dogs are a big part of our lives and keeping them happy and healthy is important. Finding quality, affordable products to keep them that way can be a real challenge in today’s market. This is especially true when trying to find CBD oil for dogs with anxiety.

Unfortunately, no matter how well we treat them, sometimes a dog is very nervous or anxious – maybe a thunderstorm or firecrackers trigger the feeling, maybe they were abused before you got them or they spent a lot of time in a crate, or they panic in a houseful of loud noisy people and this sends them hiding under a chair. No matter what causes it, we as owners are also filled with anxiety wondering what we can do to help them.

dog, stressed

Recently, a sister-in-law sent me an email asking me what she could do about her new dog, a 2-year-old Maltese rescue dog from a local shelter, and although he has adapted to his new surroundings, he is very anxious and doesn’t like to be left alone. 

He is showing the classic signs such as panting a lot, pacing back and forth, and licking his paws. She was looking into CBD oil and was overwhelmed by the many brands available and had no idea about quality, availability, or pricing. Does this sound familiar?

As owners, you may know what it is like to experience anxiety so you want to alleviate it as much as you can in your dogs so that they are happy and well.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with some of the best CBD Oil brands for dogs with anxiety. The companies listed here are reputable companies offering third-party testing and competitive prices. Customer reviews also play an important part in our choices.

Most of these companies are in the U.S. but for you Canadian shoppers we have added a company that I am sure you will want to check out.

6 Best CBD Oils for Dogs with Anxiety

1) JUST CBD – Hemp Extract


Just CBD prides itself on their quality CBD products for pets. All oils are packaged in their purest form and are as potent as possible. Whether your dog is suffering from loud noises such as thunderstorms or separation issues, Just CBD hemp extract oil is the perfect solution to minimizing their stress and anxiety. Not to worry if your dog refuses the oil – their CBD treats, liver meatballs, steak bites, and chicken biscuits are easy to administer. When your dog is stress-free, you are stress-free!

All CBD oils and concentrates are produced in the U.S.A. using the finest quality ingredients.

It is their mission and promises never to misrepresent the content of their products and they are confident that they won’t let you down. They feel they are producing and delivering top-quality products that you will love and use often.
* Available in 100mg, 250mg, and 500mg per 30ml bottle
* Certificate of Analysis available
* Bacon, Beef, Chicken, Tuna, and Salmon flavours
*30-day return – no restocking fee
$17.99 – $44.99

2) RECEPTRA NATURALS – Receptra™ Pet


Receptra Naturals products are specially formulated for easy digestion using pure hemp oil that is 100% grown on family farms in Colorado.

Benefits include supporting muscle and joint health, and maintaining mood, and energy, by using natural organic ingredients. The blend of quality CBD hemp extract and MCT oil promotes health and wellness for your dog. Products have a natural calming effect helping dogs adjust to new environments, loud noises, or separation anxiety. 

Receptra Naturals is all about quality and offers premium pet products at prices you can afford.

Receptra has an excellent Military Appreciation Program by offering a ‘forever’ discount, as well as partnering with B4BC (Boarding for Breast Cancer) and Mission K9.

* 15mg CBD stopper, 3 sizes available
* Certificate of Analysis available
* made with MCT oil, Omega fatty acids
* 30-day guarantee money back

Receptra Pet CBD Oil, bottle

 $24.95 – $79.95


3) CBDPET – Hemp Oil


CBDPet believes your pets deserve the same health benefits from CBD as you do. The company uses high-quality CBD from certified organic standards industrial hemp grown in Colorado.

The oil contains naturally occurring cannabidiol, terpenes, and other cannabinoids which promote overall well-being, mood, and stress levels. Simply add to your dog’s food.

They also have ‘quantity’ pricing: 3 bottles for $67.50 ($22.50/bottle) and 6 bottles for $119.99 ($19.99/bottle). This is excellent savings!

* 100mg CBD per 60ml bottle
* 3rd party testing publicly available
* Hemp Seed oil combined with organically grown CBD oil
* Natural flavour
* 90-day money-back guarantee

CBD Pet Pure CBD oil



4) JOY ORGANICS – CBD Oil Tinctures for Pets


Joy Organics believes that if you want to create the best products available, excellence must be a priority at every stage, starting with natural proprietary strains of hemp that are high in CBD and organically grown in the U.S.

It is important that you protect and promote your dog’s well-being. The CBD Oil Tinctures for Pets is full of high-quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, is easy to give, fast-acting, and supports the quality of life your dog deserves. It is easy to administer – either directly into their mouth or added to their food.

They have several storefront locations with over 68 highly committed employees to serve you.

* 250mg, 500mg per 30 ml bottle
* 3rd party testing available on website|
* Natural flavour
* 30-day money-back guarantee
* Free shipping anywhere in the U.S.
Joy Organics CBD for Pets
$28.95 – $53.95

5) CBD OIL CANADA – Fortify Nutraceutical CBD Oil for Pets


CBD Oil Canada is one of Canada’s most popular sources for CBD products with a 4.9-star average rating from 500 + reviews!

Fortify nutraceutical pet CBD is great for a variety of issues such as anxiety, pain, loss of appetite, etc.

The 99.9% pure CBD isolate with pure coconut MCT oil aids in the management of brain health, the hemp seed oil promotes immunity and cardiovascular health, and the pumpkin seed aids in the management of anxiety and overall well-being.

The oils are handcrafted, and 100% natural. The plant-based formulas include hemp seed oil, organic non-GMO superfoods, and rich CBD. Consistent daily use will provide the best results to keep your dog happy and well.

* 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg per 30 ml bottle
* 99.9% pure CBD isolate
* Do not accept returns (see notes)
* Free shipping on orders over $150 (Canada)

CBD Oil Canada, Pet

$45.00 – $105.00


6) CBD LIVING – Pet Calming Tincture


CBD Living is made up of scientists, business minds, and leaders who have come together to produce over 100 CBD products. They pride themselves on the fact that their products are top-quality and superior to their competitors.

This calming tincture is formulated with a peanut butter flavour as well as Omega -3, -6, and -9 Fatty Acids to promote healthy skin and a glossy coat. The addition of Algae Oil supports the immune system as well as cognitive and nervous functions. CBD Living not only produces this tincture for dogs but their products are also for cats and include chews, gel caps, salves, and tinctures in an all-natural flavour.

* 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg
* Test results available
* Damage claims within 15 days of receiving products
* Natural Flavours

CBD Living, Calming Tincture, Dogs

$20.00 – $60.00


Signs Your Dog May Be Anxious

Dog Barking

Since our dogs can’t communicate with us, it is important to recognize the warning signs of stress or anxiety.  Some of these are:

  • Shaking, hiding, crouching and tail-tucking
  • Panic attacks such as panting or pacing
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Excessive barking
  • Loss of control of bodily functions
  • Nervous scratching, licking or biting of their skin
  • Restlessness

Why Your Dog May Be Anxious

dog n crate

There could be any number of reasons why a dog might be anxious. Some of them might not be readily obvious to you. Causes could be:

  • Fear of abandonment
  • Previous abuse
  • Fear-related noises such as thunderstorms or sirens
  • Too many owners in the past
  • Neglectful treatment
  • Forced into a scary situation
  • Not enough social interaction with humans
  • Being locked up for extended periods of time with no way to escape



Recent Studies and Findings

A study by Dr. Stephanie McGrath, on dogs with idiopathic seizures, found that 89% of the dogs receiving CBD had fewer seizures. Nine received CBD while the other seven in a controlled group received a placebo.

In a few states, such as Michigan and California, veterinarians are now allowed to discuss cannabis with their clients, however, there are certain guidelines with regard to what veterinarians can and cannot do.

In Canada, according to the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, it is illegal to prescribe cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes to animals. Dr. Sarah Silcox, President of the Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine, advises owners considering using cannabis to speak with a veterinarian first. While they cannot prescribe it, they can advise on the proper usage of products sold through the legal market.

A February 2020 study on the safety of higher doses of CBD in healthy dogs was published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, Toronto Canada. It was a random, blind, placebo-controlled study and showed favourable safety results.

How Much CBD Should I give my Dog?

This is a very good question and one I researched. Apparently, there are no clear-cut figures that will tell you how much CBD to administer to your dog. This depends on the dog’s weight and the strength of the oil – the bigger the dog, the bigger the dose. Most sites seem to quote a standard dose of 1 -2 mg per 10 pounds. Also, a consideration is what CBD is for – is it for an illness, maintaining well-being, anxiety issues, or pain? This will all play into how much to use.

The good news is most bottles will come with the recommended dosage on them. Some companies offer different strengths for different size dogs. Those companies that formulate their own high-quality CBD usually will provide detailed instructions on how much and the recommended strength.

Just remember that pure CBD is non-toxic to dogs and there don’t appear to be any harmful side effects associated with it.

It is advisable to start small and then work up to what is suggested by the manufacturer. Keep in mind, dosages may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you are still not sure, a good rule for them to follow is 0.2 mg per pound.

What to Look for When Choosing CBD Products

As always, you should be diligent in your research, especially if you are a first-time buyer. The above companies are reputable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy, and provide high-quality, rich CBD products.

However, there are other reputable and good ones besides the ones I mentioned. If you find the company you are interested in, check them out using these few basic guidelines.

  • Research the seller’s production process. The CO2 extraction method is the most popular.
  • Know where your hemp source comes from. In the states, for example, farmers are required to get certification from the state department of agriculture.
  • It should have less than 0.3% THC. If you are told a product is 100% THC-free, check for yourself. If THC is present, it must be 0.3% or less.
  • Make sure you are getting Full Spectrum (sometimes it is labelled as the ‘whole plant) or Broad Spectrum. Full Spectrum CBD not only contains cannabinol but also terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids ensuring you are getting all the benefits. Broad Spectrum contains the same minus any THC.
  • Ask for 3rd party testing or lab results. Most companies are publicly providing this information and many are putting them right on their websites.

Final Thoughts

Every one of these companies is an excellent choice for CBD oil for anxiety in your dogs. Your pet deserves the same quality care that you would expect for yourself. Whichever company you choose, it is important that you check them out for yourself to make sure you are happy with their products and services.


Have you tried CBD on your dog? What were the results?

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