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In our previous article, we talked about how CBD can help with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Here we will provide you with a list of CBD products for ASD that could aid in improving quality of life, explain a little more about ASD, the symptoms associated with it, who is likely to have it, statistics on ASD, and the low-down on the side effects of traditional pharmaceutical drugs. 

What is Autism?

Autism (ASD) describes a developmental disorder often associated with difficulties in communication and engagement. These typically show up in the child’s first three years of life. What it does is affect how information processes in the brain and how nerve cells and their synapses (union between two separate elements) connect and organize.

ASD affects people differently – some can be extremely gifted or severely challenged.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure, however, there have been some cases where recovery has been possible. One study (2008) concluded that recovery seems possible in a significant number of cases with behavioural and educational interventions.

If you have an autistic person in your life, then you know how challenging day-to-day can be. Let’s look at some CBD oils available and where you can purchase them.

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CBD oil for autism
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Symptoms of ASD

As mentioned earlier, symptoms usually appear in the first three years of a child’s life. They include:

  • Lack of interest in pointing out objects of interest
  • Difficulty interacting socially
  • Avoiding contact or preferring to be alone
  • Lack of empathy or feelings toward others
  • Avoid cuddling or getting close to others
  • Interested in others but not able to relate to them
  • Easily distracted
  • Repeat phrases
  • Repeat actions
  • Like set routines
  • They need order, such as arranging items in a particular way, size or colour for example.
  • Difficulty expressing their wants and needs
  • React strongly to odours, tastes, and sounds

Who Does ASD Affect

CBD Oil for autism

More males than females are diagnosed with ASD. Presently, one in every 42 males and one in every 189 females in the U.S. are diagnosed. ASD is genetic and hereditary and has no favourites – this disorder affects all races and nationalities. Some risk factors include:

  • Sex of child (as mentioned above, more boys than girls are diagnosed with ASD)
  • Relatives – increased risk if there is already an autistic child in the family
  • Prescription drugs during pregnancy such as thalidomide
  • Premature babies – around 6 months old
  • Other medical conditions such as certain genetic or chromosomal conditions

Other Statistics on ASD

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • 1 in every 54 children has been diagnosed with ASD
  • ASD does not discriminate on race, ethics or background
  • According to a study conducted between 2009-2017, 1 in 6 children between 3 – 17 years were diagnosed with a developmental disability which included ASD
  • It is estimated that there are 5,437,988 adults with ASD in the U.S. (2017)

In addition, there appears to be a high rate of unemployment or under-employment, lower participation in further education (beyond high school), most live at home or with other relatives, and very little social interaction with friends.

It is estimated that adolescents with autism are 2 times more likely to be obese than those without developmental disabilities.

Traditional Pharmaceutical Drugs

There are several drugs available for the treatment and management of ASD. A review in 2015 listed some common ones and their findings. We will list them here along with any known side effects.


Used to treat certain mental disorders associated with ASD, this medication helps with lucid thinking and daily functioning. They belong to the family of drugs atypical antipsychotics.

Side Effects: drowsiness, lightheadedness, nausea, weight gain; could make blood sugar rise
According to the review, “The studies pointed out that weight gain was the most common side effect.”


This drug is an antipsychotic medication that affects the immune system by changing the chemical actions in the brain. Used to treat autism, it is only available through a certified pharmacy.

Side Effects: dizziness, drowsiness, seizures
According to the review, “Clozapine was associated with a spike in weight gain, risk factors for heart disease, tachycardia (heart rate over 100 beats per minute, the possibility of seizures, therefore it was not used often in children.”


This drug is in the class of antipsychotics and is used to help with clearer thinking, less nervousness, and daily functioning. It helps to reduce aggression and severe behaviour problems.

Side Effects: dizziness, lightheadedness, drowsiness, problems peeing, headaches, anxiety, sleep issues
According to the review, “This drug has been associated with abnormal, uncontrolled, involuntary movements and drug-induced movement disorders).”


This drug is an antidepressant from a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake (the absorption by a presynaptic nerve ending of a neurotransmitter that it has secreted) inhibitors. It helps to balance chemicals in the brain for those suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, or obsessive compulsiveness.

Side effects: Drowsiness, insomnia or other sleep issues, diarrhea, loss of appetite, tremors, impotency, sweating
According to the review, “Few good trials have taken place; also, it is not tolerated well in young people because of the side effects which can include a high level of energy, and the tendency to be impulsive.”

Two more common drugs often used for ADHD are Ritalin and Dextroamphetamine.

Ritalin (a stimulant) is sometimes used to treat autism. It helps an autistic person to stay focused, pay attention, and be more controlled in his/her behaviour.

Side effects: anxiety, sleep issues, nausea, headaches, loss of weight, less effective with prolonged use, possible addiction

Dextroamphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant that affects chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control. It is a temporary stimulant and is often used to treat narcolepsy (a chronic sleep disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Side effects: changes in appetite, sleep issues, irritability, aloofness, headaches, can be addictive

CBD Side Effects

Although CBD will not make you high (there is a minuscule amount of THC present), there are a few side effects associated with taking CBD as noted here.

Final Thoughts

A study published on October 31, 2019, “Effects of CBD-Enriched Cannabis sativa Extract on Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms: An Observational Study of 18 Participants Undergoing Compassionate Use,” suggested the following:

It was concluded that autism symptoms are associated with nerve excitability. CBD-enriched products have been shown to have a positive influence on many autistic symptoms without the side effects of traditional medication. There were even positive results on patients who had stopped taking other drugs under supervision for neuropsychiatry. Further clinical trials are still required.

Another report found that in a survey of parents with autistic children, 547 claimed they had given their kids CBD saying it helped to curb impulsiveness and/or aggression, increased attention span, and aided in sleeping. Many gave it to their kids in water or directly in their mouths.

You should always consult with a health practitioner before taking new or stopping medications.

I will leave you with one mother’s experience with CBD for Autism –

My son was born with Trisomy 2 Chromosomal Abnormality. With this genetic makeup came a host of challenging behaviours throughout childhood development – ADD, Autism, and Anxiety Disorders to name a few. At different stages, medical intervention was needed. However, the most effective treatment was the approved use of CBD drops to control anxiety, calm behaviours, and control hyperactivity at night. Instead of using Ritalin OR dexamphetamine, CBD drops were a much more effective treatment. My son is now 30 and free of anxiety and managing his behaviour independently.” ~ Jen, Western Australia

Medical Disclosure
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Do you or someone you know suffer from Autism? Have you considered CBD products ad what were your thoughts? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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