7 Best CBD Products for Sleep [2021]

Getting quality sleep is one of the biggest issues facing adults today. I for one can attest to that. Believe me, if you are a person who can ‘turn’ it all off at the end of the day and get a night of uninterrupted sleep, I hope you know how lucky you are.

In spite of all the sleep aids available over the counter and prescription drugs-CBD is becoming a popular remedy for many people. Here we discuss why CBD, list 7 of the Best CBD Products for Sleep 2021, as well as some statistics, common causes of insomnia, an all-natural sleep aid, and other remedies to help you sleep all night long.

Let’s get started.

Why CBD for Sleep

  • According to WHO (World Health Organization, page 5), “CBD exhibits no effects of abuse or dependence potential or health-related problems associated with the use of CBD”
  • According to the American Sleep Association, research supports the theory that CBD might be beneficial in improving sleep
  • CBD does not cause psychoactive  effects or ‘highs’
  • CBD interacts with our cells and the proteins in our brain to restore balance and circadian rhythms (homeostasis or balance needed for the body to function properly)
  • CBD can aid in regulating serotonin (mood stabilizer) and research shows that CBD increases serotonin levels and may aid in reducing stress and anxiety which are often causes of sleeping issues
  • CBD may help in relaxing sore and tired muscles, making it easier to sleep


  1. Charlotte’s Web Raspberry Sleep Gummies
  2. Lazurus Naturals Relaxation CBD Capsules
  3. Receptra Naturals CBD Rest Gummies
  4. CBD Magic Zen Leafs Sleep Gummies
  5. Joy Organics Melatonin Sleep Capsules
  6. Kats Naturals Relax
  7. Cbd Pure CBD Oil

1. Charlotte’s Web Raspberry Sleep Gummies

You can’t go wrong with Charlotte’s Web, a well-known Colorado-based company whose mission is to help as many people as they can. Their Raspberry Sleep Gummies are one of their most popular products.

Sleep Raspberry CBD Gummies
$9.99 – $44.99

– 3 mg melatonin per serving
– 10 mg CBD per serving
– Full-spectrum hemp
– Helps maintain a regular sleep cycle
– Available in 3 sizes (30, 60, 90 count)
– No additives or dyes
– USA grown


Why People Love Charlotte’s Web Raspberry Sleep Gummies:

YAAAASS!!! Cannot thank this company enough. “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I live with some pretty gnarly anxiety and growing up I always thought that getting 4-5 hours of sleep was just normal. I purchased this product as a sort of “hail mary,” hoping for a quicker way to fall asleep + stay asleep, and this stuff does the trick every.single.time. My girlfriend and I take one gummy each night before bed + we’re out for the night. You’ve got to try this product if you are struggling with relaxing and getting to sleep.” ~Katy H, March 2021

2. Lazurus Naturals Relaxation CBD Capsules

Lazarus Naturals was founded in 2014 by CEO Sequoia Price-Lazarus. The company was started with a mission to provide products to anyone, regardless of financial circumstances. The whole team at Lazarus Naturals envisions getting CBD into the hands of everyone who needs it.

The Relaxation CBD Capsules were formulated with quality ingredients to promote restful sleep and relaxation at an affordable price. Each capsule contains a higher serving of CBD for those who prefer it.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Capsules
$9.99 – $119.99


– 25 mg CBD per capsule
– Vegan and gluten-free
– No artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners
– Contains chamomile extract, ashwagandha extract, and L-Tryptophan to aid in sleep
– Available in 3 sizes (10, 40, 200 count)

Note: Contains Tree nuts (coconut). Consult your doctor if you have been advised against eating grapefruit.

Why People Love Lazarus Naturals Relaxation CBD Capsules:

I’ve tried everything. This stuff makes me sleep so well, and I actually wake up feeling refreshed. I cannot believe how affordable this is, because they could charge so. much. more. It’s really like a miracle product.” ~Elizabeth

3. Receptra Naturals CBD Rest Gummies

Another company that inspires trust, Receptra Naturals was founded in 2015 by Rusty Scott who was injured in a fall. As a result, he researched CBD products looking for something that would ease his pain quickly. Today, his company has over 40 employees who deliver what the customer is asking for.

Everyone needs a good sleep. These Mountain Strawberry flavoured gummies were formulated to provide just that so that you wake up feeling rested and ready to go.

Serious Rest Gummies


– 25 mg full-spectrum CBD per gummy
– Added benefits of CBN for optimal sleep
– No melatonin
– Vegan friendly
– 30 gummies per bottle



Why people love Receptra Naturals Serious Rest Gummies

Outstanding. “These are great for me after work. I have a hard time falling asleep and work from 5 am to 6 pm. I pretty much only have time to shower, eat then lay down. For me, these make it much easier to fall asleep when I lay down. Paired with the Serious Relief 66mg Tincture for muscle relaxing and pain this is amazing! No, I’m not a partner or affiliate although that would be sweet! (I’m a twitch streamer on my off days.) This is just an honest review from a very happy long-term customer. Thanks, Receptra!” ~Josh, April 2021

4. CBD Magic Zen Leafs Sleep GummiesCanada

CBD Magic is a Canadian company that delivers quality high-end products Canada-wide. It is their mission to provide you with the best to give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Zen Leafs Sleep Gummies are formulated to help you achieve a good night’s sleep.

$44.99 – $99.99



– 30 mg CBD per gummy
– Available in two strengths – 300mg and 900mg
– Contains melatonin and 99% pure CBD isolate
– Zero THC
– Manufactured and Produced in Toronto Canada

Why people love Zen Leafs Sleep Gummies:

My wife suffers from Arthritis and has tried a few different brands of CBD oils with no pain reduction until she tried this product. She is so grateful for any pain relief especially if the gummies help with getting decent prolonged sleep. Both the pain and sleep gummies have reduced her pain level so we have taken advantage of the monthly subscriptions. Excellent customer service (I had a small misunderstanding with my first order, sent an email and within 5 minutes received a phone call from a real representative who quickly resolved my issues). I understand that not all people react the same to this type of medication but it sure helped my wife with her pain for which we are grateful. Thanks, CBD Magic.” ~Rick, May 2021

5. Joy Organics CBD Softgels (Melatonin + CBN)

Joy Organics, a family-owned business in Colorado, has been making a name for itself by producing top-quality products. The company began with Joy Smith who wanted to find a natural way to heal her body with CBD products. Its mission is to provide the best products and excellent customer service (see full review).

One of their most popular products is the CBD Softgels with Melatonin which has been upgraded to include CBN, known for its sleep-promoting benefits.

CBD Softgels with Melatonin + CBN for Sleep


– 25 mg CBD, 3mg melatonin, 3mg CBN/per gummy
– 30 gels per bottle
– Nanoemulsion technology which means faster absorption
– Water-soluble
– Gluten and THC-free




Why people love Joy Organics Melatonin+CBN Sleep Capsules:

“These softgels give me just the gentle nudge I need to get a restful night’s sleep when I am overtired or my brain won’t stop churning over some aspect of my day. I awake feeling refreshed.” ~Denise, March 2021

6. Kat’s Natural Relax CBD Oil 300mg

Founded by Kat Merryfield, Kat’s Naturals formulates restorative CBD products providing nourishment to the mind and body. If you are looking for quality organic CBD products, then you should put Kat’s Natural on your list.

Kat’s Natural Relax CBD Oil is a gentle extract formula ccontaining hops and wild orange essential oil providing a feeling of relaxation.

Kat's Natural Relax CBD Oil
$19 – $43.99


– 300 mg CBD per ounce
– THC-free
– Organic
– Safe for daily use
– USA grown


Why people love Kat’s Natural Relax CBD Oil:

Super relaxing oil. “After just a few minutes of taking this oil my mind feels relaxed and I’m able to fell asleep easily! What a relief to sleepless nights! Thank you!” ~Renata T.

7. CBDPure Hemp Oil 1000

CBDPure lives up to its name providing high-quality full-spectrum CBD, grown organically in Colorado and Washington. You can relax knowing there are no harmful pesticides and herbicides while every batch is third-party tested giving you a product you can rely on.

CBDPure Hemp Oil 1000 is formulated for those looking for a higher dose of CBD in a tincture, pure and organic.

CBD Pure CBD Oil



– 33 mg CBD per serving
– Full-spectrum
– Natural hemp flavour
– Less than 0.3% THC by weight
– Discount for voloume buying




Sleeping issues bother so many of us. In fact, statistics say that:

  • More than 51% of adults worldwide don’t get the sleep nightly they need
  • 80% of adults use the weekend to catch up on sleep
  • Between10 and 30% of adults say they suffer from chronic insomnia
  • 75% percent who are depressed also suffer from sleep deprivation
  • Over 90% of military-related PTSD individuals also show symptoms of insomnia
  • Canadians were getting about an hour less sleep per night in 2017 than they were in 2005
  • Insufficient sleep is associated with health issues such as weight, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, injuries, depression
  • More than two-thirds of teenagers in the U.S. are getting less than the recommended 8 –10 hours of sleep per night with females getting less than males
  • Sleep deprivation can actually age you – one study found that even just one night can make our cells age quicker and could possibly encourage diseases such as multiple sclerosis, heart problems, and cancer
  • New parents experience some form of sleep deprivation during the first six years of their children’s lives
  • Purchases of melatonin supplements rose from $62 million in 2013 to $378 million in 2014 (!)
  • According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 500,000 individuals in the U.S. are abusing sedatives such as Ambien

Common Causes of Insomnia

  • Too much caffeine or alcohol consumption
  • Nicotine
  • Work demands
  • Social commitments
  • Improper sleeping conditions such as exposure to unwanted light or noise
  • Busy households
  • Working longer hours
  • Spending too much time on electronic gadgets
  • Irregular sleep schedules
  • Recreational drugs
  • Side-effects from certain medications

All-Natural Sleep Aid

It is good to know that we don’t have to rely on expensive and addictive prescription drugs to put us into a deep sleep. If you are still not comfortable trying CBD, this company may be just the thing you need for sweet dreams. Although the above CBD products cannot be shipped outside of the U.S. (or Canada), Healing Natural Oils ship worldwide.

Healing Natural Oils has been providing natural products for over 20 years and is considered a trusted leader in the industry. With over 1,000,000 products sold worldwide, they continue to provide top-quality products to their customers.

This completely natural and safe Sleep Aid Formula helps you to get a good night’s sleep and is not habit-forming.

Sleep Aid Formula


  • Natural sleep aid
  • All natural and safe to use
  • Leaves you feeling refreshed and alert
  • Relaxing


  • FDA listed and manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Non-habit forming

Active Ingredients: Apium graveolens 6C, Salvia officinalis 6C

Inactive Ingredients: Corylus avellana nut oil, Essential Oil Blend (Cedrus atlantica wood shavings, Lavandula officinalis flower bud, Melissa officinalis blossoms & whole plant)

Why people love Healing Natural Oils Natural Sleep Aid Formula:

“I was skeptical at first because I usually depend on Magnesium for a more restful sleep. However, if I wake up during the night for a bathroom visit and my mind starts to think on the way back…I can be awake for hours, I put a few drops on my temples and at the back of my neck below the hairline and 90% of the time it works.” ~P.N., Ontario

Other Ways to Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep

In addition to taking CBD or the Healing Natural Oils sleep aid, you can try the following.

  • Enjoy a relaxing lavender bath
  • Use blue light blockers
  • Mediate to relax your mind before sleep
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • Be consistent in your sleep schedule
  • Avoid liquids and heavy meals before bed
  • Avoid strenuous exercise before bed
  • Sleep in a cool room
  • Splurge on a comfortable bed, mattress, and pillow

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that sleep is essential to our health and well-being. Be sure and try one of the 7 Best CBD Products for Sleep 2021, or the sleep aid from Healing Natural Oils. If none of these remedies help, maybe you should consult a medical practitioner to rule out any medical issues.

Sweet dreams!

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